kingdom come

god reveals the work
God reveals the work

So why did God freeze-dry his project within the law?

He preserved it so he could reveal it when the messiah revealed himself. Simple really. Whilst it helped civilise humanity... somewhat (imagine the world with people without conscience... the only rule becomes that of 'practicality'), it also proved that we are incapable of fulfilling it. Hence, 'guilt', which is responsible for much of what is wrong in our societies.

Then the messiah comes... and he fulfils it. Guilt is done with. in some way, you might say the law was made for him, so he could fulfil it and thereby become proxy for every human being who ever lived!

You see, the human/God messiah hybrid, Jesus Christ, can shout out to God... 'As a human who fulfilled all the conditions of the law, I speak on behalf of humankind!'

Okay... so, what happens next?

the story of humanity