style with no style

doing theology like jeet kune do, miles davis & jesus
simplicity like miles davis

I love Miles. it's that unique muted sound he produces from his trumpet. But much more than that, it's the simplicity of his solos. No overly complicated scales... he doesn't have to prove dexterity... he does what no one else could do... simplicity. He holds the one note with subtlety and touch. In his song, Bitches Brew, he plays so simply, any novice would have been able to follow him without too much trouble.

The problem is the tone, the creativity, the nuance! No one could match it. This is how I see Jesus' sermons and parables. Simplicity that masks genius and yet communicates. This is what I have tried to employ in the development of, Drink It!.

The old religions told you to make penance with gifts, sacrifice, pain, loathing, war, blood and eventually death. Thats was how gods, kings and holy men kept your mind and body under their control. Then some other guy comes round and wipes the board clean; and you didn't even have to bribe his god with a goat offering. Allow me to introduce you to the amazing, Jesus Christ.
adaptability like jeet kune do

In memory of a once fluid man, crammed and distorted the classical mess. That was what Bruce Lee wrote in his dedication to his book on Jeet Kune Do. He refers here (like apostle Paul did) to the creative fluidity and freedom of childhood. Classical rules came and then the child died. Formality (institutional religion) became the norm; tradition for tradition sake; rules for rules sake; lacking in innovation, fluidity and creativity, just like when you were a kid! With my book, Drink It!, let me introduce you to a fluid, creative, fun, adaptive and intuitive way of engaging God in thought.

creativity like jesus christ

Jesus asked questions. And if you answered them, he would ask another and then another. They were leading questions designed to lead the student to the crux of the issue.

This is what I have tried to with Drink It! Stories, leading and provocative questions designed to allow autonomy and creative thinking so that you may develop (in a way not dissimilar to slow stewing) ways of thinking intimately about God .